Kiwi IRC and Open Source

Benefits of a free and open source Kiwi

The Kiwi IRC client is a free and open source project allowing anybody to contribute to the project. With an aim to build the most awesome, extendible and easy to use web IRC client we invite anybody to throw in any ideas or changes - no matter how large or minor you may think your idea is.

Where's the project?

Our project page is hosted on GitHub which should give any developer a chance to develop and improve on Kiwi.

There is also an IRC channel to discuss development when people are around on, #kiwiirc. (Note: Most activity is found within the GMT timezone!)

As a quick guide to getting started with Kiwi IRC development, please take a look at working-on-kiwi


The Kiwi IRC project is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL license. This keeps the project open so everybody gets the best there is.

In laymans terms, this means that anybody running Kiwi IRC and makes improvements must make the changes available to their users.