Fixing bugs and working on new features / ideas

Git workflow

There are only 2 common branches to keep in mind. The master branch is the current production worthy codebase. This is only modified by the repository admin and must not be pushed to directly. The second is the development branch that is the actively worked on codebase. Fork this branch if you plan to work on anything as it will usually be more up to date than the master branch.

When you are ready to work on a bug fix or your new feature, create a new branch from development and name it something relevant to the changes you are about to make. Once you are ready to submit your changes, submit a pull request to to request your changes to be included. Any comments to improve or even tidy code will occur at this stage. Do not be offended if you are asked to change simple things like indentation or variable names - it is to try keep the codebase consistent as a whole :)

Once everyone is happy with your changes they will then be merged into the development branch.