This documentation is for the legacy version of Kiwi IRC, kept here only for reference.

See here for the actively developed Kiwi IRC

Passing user IP addresses to your network

Note: This is only possible if you have access to change the IRC networks configuration

Once you have Kiwi IRC running and connecting to your Network, you will probably want to pass the users IP address to your IRC servers. This will allow you to enforce bans, connection limits and other IRC features.

Kiwi IRC uses the WEBIRC protocol to pass the clients information to your network. This requires a password that is used in both Kiwi and your IRC server configuration. When a user connects to your network, Kiwi will send this password along with the clients IP address and hostname to your network.

Example configuration

  1. In your config.js, find the conf.webirc_pass section.
    This is the section that lists IRC server addresses with that servers WEBIRC password in the form of '' : 'your_password'.
    The server address here must match the address the user is connecting to.
    If the IRC address people use to access your network is '', you must also use '' for Kiwi to recognise the password.

  2. Insert the same password into your IRC servers configuration. You can find exact details in your IRC servers documentation on how to do this. Most servers also require a hostname - this will be the address outgoing connections are made from your Kiwi server. Unless your IRC server is on, in most cases using the Kiwi servers external IP address here will work.

  3. Restart or "rehash" your IRC server.

  4. Restart Kiwi
    $ ./kiwi restart

You should now be able to see your users correct information on your network.