This documentation is for the legacy version of Kiwi IRC, kept here only for reference.

See here for the actively developed Kiwi IRC

Control Input Component

The control input is the bottom section of the Kiwi application - the main control bar. This is where message input and plugin icons appear.

Plugin icons are jQuery objects created by your plugin, and have the full control over DOM events such as clicks.

You can get a control input reference via:
var input = kiwi.components.ControlInput()

ControlInput functions

Run commands as if they were typed by the user'/msg #channel Hello people')

Add an icon to the right hand side of the input

ControlInput events

You can bind to command related events via:
input.on('event', function)

Event Arguments Notes
command {command, params}
command:command_name {command, params} command_name may be any /command. Handy for listening for a specific command.
unknown_command {command, params}