New Snoonet webchat!

Snoonet has been using Kiwi IRC for some years now and it's about time you all had an update. A fresh look, some new features, and an even easier way to use IRC.

Contact us if you find anything weird

It's still very new so we expect to hear some feedback - good or bad! Bugs, awkwardness, or even if it makes you smile, let us know what you think in #snoonet.

What's new?

Mobiles / tablets

If you use Kiwi IRC on a mobile or tablet device, you will instantly find that everything is easier to use. From link previews, switching between channels, even joining channels. Everything fits nicely on your smaller screen.

Enjoy your embedded videos as you use IRC

Ever opened a youtube video within Kiwi and then it suddenly dispaears off screen as you change channel? Well no more. The video or music stays put at the bottom as you use Kiwi until you close it.

Extra message styling

Some people already know markdown and realise how handy it can be. Well now you can use it in Kiwi too. Send bold, italic or even quoted text to the channel.

Much more stable

I'm sure you've all noticed that when something big happens on reddit, Kiwi IRC usage on Snoonet sky rockets and it can get a little unstable at times. This has been taken care of and now (literally) tens of thousands more users can be using webchat at the same time without a sweat.

Under the hood

This new Kiwi IRC is the most feature rich and modern web IRC client out there. Not only that, it supports the most new features that IRC is inventing to push IRC into the future. (See for more details).

Coming up

There is still lots more to come with the new Kiwi. Here's just a few.


People love emoji - and for good reason. When you see a ghost, you don't have time to explain it. Just send the ghost emoji. So we will have support for sending all the emojis you can think of.

Stay connected

So you're talking in your favourite channels and everybody is hyped and having a good time. But it's 3am and you need to sleep but you don't want to loose out on the fun conversation. We will soon support keeping you connected even when you close your browser. Then as you wake up and load Kiwi on your phone, you simply continue where you left off or read back on what you missed. Bonus - a notification when somebody mentions you!


Got a bit of a coder streak in you? Then you will love the upcoming scripting abilities within Kiwi. Saved within your browser so they run whenever you connect to a network, you can be adding extra functions or aliases right in your browser or even browser through the scripting library.