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#xkcd-gaming SlashNET Join channel (client)
22 [+nrSC] Welcome to #xkcd-gaming | | Steam group: | Free games:
#gaming Hira Join channel (client)
16 [+nt] :::: Welcome to #gaming :::: Discord - :: I LIKE FUN. Matrix App -
#openbsd-gaming Freenode Join channel (client)
50 Welcome to #openbsd-gaming | register with NickServ If you can't post. | checkout | Vote for 2018 OpenBSD gaming awards: | Winter Sale Highlights (until 2019-03-01):
#tox-gaming Freenode Join channel (client)
10 a gaming / fun / offtopic channel
#libreplanet-gaming Freenode Join channel (client)
14 LibrePlanet Gaming Collective | | Mumble: PW: Freedom | | Nethack via telnet | Roots are voiced
#debian-gaming Oftc Join channel (client)
8 Debian Gaming channel - because Assassins Creed spam belongs SOMEWHERE. Steam group:
##not-latin Freenode Join channel (client)
12 Latin's social channel || Multiplayer Gaming Channel ##latin-gaming .
##gaming Freenode Join channel (client)
27 Free games! Giveaways are auto-announced here in real-time by the LiNk bot as they happen, so stay here, check often, and don't miss any games! | Reddit | | GOG | RPS | ##prepping ##business+investing #coins
#linux BTN Join channel (client)
309 [+Dnrt] Linux news: | || Pick a distro: || Gaming on Linux:
#gaming QuakeNetReal Join channel (client)
#lutris Freenode Join channel (client)
75 Lutris : Open Source gaming platform for GNU/Linux | Most people are on Discord nowadays: or the forums:
#gaming FinalGear Join channel (client)
#gamenews Freenode Join channel (client)
3 Gaming news feed 24/7
##sandbox Freenode Join channel (client)
3 We love gaming and coding!
##latin-gaming Freenode Join channel (client)
3 Welcome to the official ##latin multiplayer gaming channel! | Be sure to try our favorite games: Etherlords 2, Drakan - Order of the Flame, Severence: Blade of Darkness, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Re-Volt, Worms Armageddon, Bulánci, Rise Of Nations, Age Of Empires 2 and Warcraft 3 | This channel is provided 'As Is'. Bow to EULA!
#holarse-gaming Oftc Join channel (client)
7 Holarse - Die Linuxspiele-Hipster - Du findest uns jetzt auf
#SchiZoid TerraChat Join channel (client)
10 [+ntr] 'Place For Gaming & Chat Or Just If You've Been Bad | Game commands can be found on'
#gaming DarkMyst Join channel (client)
3 Managame: The End | Managame II: A New Hope. It stirs.
#napalmikuolema-gaming QuakeNetReal Join channel (client)
6 27/8/2019 WoW Classic - Napalmikuolema - Gehennah - Get fucked!
#thepixelshadow Freenode Join channel (client)
7 The Pixel Shadow from Category5 TV - #minetest Gaming - Need voice? PM an op.