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#minecraft EsperNet Join channel (client)
221 Welcome to #minecraft | You must register to talk. /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER | Join #minecrafthelp for help! | Rules: If you feel like you're being a dick, thennnn... stop? ( ) | SGDQ VoDs | Crikey!
#minecraft ScoutLink Join channel (client)
16 [+KPlnt 100] Welcome to Scoutlink Minecraft! | Server address: | Server status: 09online | There might be bumps (blame tang)
#Minecraft GoatChat Join channel (client)
4 [+nt] Minecraft server -
#minecraft Interlinked Join channel (client)
13 Official Minecraft server of Interlinked (creative mode, whitelisted) - or | Presently on Sponge 1.12.2 | Map (updated in realtime): | Wiki:
#Minecraft Hira Join channel (client)
4 [+nt] Minecraft server -
#minecraft FreeRO Join channel (client)
5 [+ntr] Мост с чатом Minecraft ::
#minecraft AlphaChat Join channel (client)
8 Welcome to #minecraft! | Vanilla server (1.11.2) - [MIGRATING] | FTB Revelation server (2.1.0 USE THE BETA) MC version 1.12.2 - | tccki is a fukboi
#Minecraft AmigaBoing! Join channel (client)
7 [+mntr] 8,2 @ MillBro Chat Minecraft @  || Running: Spigot 1.12.2 @ || NOTE: You need Minecraft Java Account To Join! || Rules: You *MAY* Build anywhere on the map, But please respect other peoples buildings and DO NOT delete/alter or remove them, Thanks!
#minecraft Rizon Join channel (client)
5 [+ntl] Welcome to #minecraft! Official channel located at | Need help? Is no one responding? See: | 1.10 has been released on June 8th
#minecraft AlphaChat_ Join channel (client)
9 Welcome to #minecraft! | Vanilla server (1.11.2) - [MIGRATING] | FTB Revelation server (2.1.0 USE THE BETA) MC version 1.12.2 - | tccki is a fukboi
#Minecraft RisposteInformatiche Join channel (client)
6 [+ntrf] 4-[3R9I4]- Minecraft! Canale del server - Benvenuti! - Server: 4ONLINE - Whitelist: ATTIVA 4-[3R9I4]-
#minecraft FurNet Join channel (client)
6 [+ntrRSf] New 1.10+ server - IP - server chat in #vorecraft | Unofficial official Minecraft channel! Discuss gameplay, join our server, or rage about creepers. Off-topic chat is fine too. No advertising.
#xkcd-minecraft foonetic Join channel (client)
7 [+n] Minecraft! | (whitelisted, ask) | Many users have moved to, you may want to follow there.
#xkcd-minecraft SlashNET Join channel (client)
3 [+ntr] Minecraft! | maybe (whitelisted, ask) maybe
#minecraft overdrive-irc Join channel (client)
11 [+AFPTfjnt 4:30 5:10 7:10] overdriveMC | server status: OFFLINE
#minecraft Sinsira Join channel (client)
3 [+Pnrt] connect your minecraft 1.12.2 client to - ask dave to whitelist you if not already. Dynmap visible at Ask for a mc client installer if you don't have one
#minecraft iPocalypse Join channel (client)
6 [+ntr] We're Playing on a whitelisted server for now if your intrested in joining speak to therock247uk or Radien | < Service status | GreeDee and Med looking for new players on WIP FTB Infinite Lite server - query GreeDee for details
#minecraft GamerGalaxy Join channel (client)
2 [+MTnrt] [ OFFLINE ] | Please reach out to dab if you'd like to play some Minecraft
#minecraft ARG-IRC Join channel (client)
6 [+nrt] Server is using Argpack v1.5 | | Get the argpack | Argpack v2 suggestions | Expect world restarts till it works right
#minecraft DALnet Join channel (client)
6 Java 1.14.4 release is out. \ Java 1.15 snapshot 19w34a is out.