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#trivia EfNet Join channel (client)
30 'ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ --Welcome to #trivia!!! Best TRIVIA CHANNEL ON THE NET!!
#Trivia Undernet Join channel (client)
61 Bine ati venit pe #Trivia | Pentru statistica si scor in timp real acceseaza site-ul 4 ( 2 )
#trivia ExChat Join channel (client)
4 [+nt] To start trivia type !start
#cyn-trivia Abjects Join channel (client)
6 [+mnrt] Welcome to #Cyn-Trivia | '!help' for a list of commands or just '!trivia' to start a game.
#Trivia DarkVoltage
3 [+FPjnrt 3:5 3:5] 8,1Ϟ Ϟ Ϟ 15,1#Trivia 8,1Ϟ Ϟ Ϟ 15,1| DarkVoltage IRC Trivia Channel
#america Undernet Join channel (client)
11 Trivia Games & Friendship
#bodhilinux-trivia Freenode Join channel (client)
3 Enjoy some trivia! Type .t2 to start and stop the game. Be a sport, google is not "playing trivia"
#chicago DALnet Join channel (client)
70 0,2 Welcome to CHICAGO @DALnet -= United State Region City =- | For start & stop trivia type .t2 | There is trouble with "Seoul" trivia game because the shell account expired/unknown renewal proccess, sorry for the inconvenience, the trivia game was replaced with nick amien | Thankyou
#triviaplace DALnet Join channel (client)
43 4🌷 Welcome to #triviaplace 🌷 feel free to play and enjoy trivia! 🌹🌹
#trivia MyCooldude Join channel (client)
3 [+CHPTnt 10:30] Welcome to the MyCooldude Trivia Game room, to start a game, type " !start ", and to stop the game, type " !stop ". The bot's nick is " Trivia " (NOTE: be sure to turn off any mIRC colour(s) on your text and bug cooldude if the bot looks like it is not online)
#Trivia Join channel (client)
7 [+CGJKPTjntx 15 6:2 4:600:600] 4Welcome 14to4 ICQ-Chat.com14! 9|| 14Make sure to 4like us14 on 4Facebook14: 4 9|| 14If you need 4assistance14 please type 4/join #Help14!
#trivia-world EfNet Join channel (client)
21 Welcome- enjoy it !start to start
#trivia IRCHaven Join channel (client)
6 [+tnRCNTl 13] Welcome. Some public commands: !start !stop !hint !repeat and !commands for more - For questions, issues, message vigilant. Check out for stats and more! Enjoy!
#BesTrivia Undernet Join channel (client)
17 12Welcome to 4#BesTrIvIa ( Scrieti: 4!start ( pentru a porni trivia) )
#cebuana Undernet Join channel (client)
48 ( )( ) TRIVIA .ON to start .OFF to stop ( (http:// Undernet Join channel (client)
19 (SeFuL) 0,18��0Bine ati venit pe 8�� ( ��succes la trivia�� )
#triviacow EfNet Join channel (client)
4 !trivia start to start
#tagumtrivia DALnet Join channel (client)
10 12Peace begins with a 8SMILE. :) 9Welcome To #TagumTrivia :) For Advance Trivia: Join #triviaquiz For Chat and Getting Friends Join #Tagum Thanks and Enjoy Playing Trivia. :)
#Boys&Girls Undernet Join channel (client)
16 (SeFuL) 0,18��0Bine ati venit pe 7#Boys&Girls 8�� ( ��succes la trivia�� )
#slut-trivia P2P-NET Join channel (client)
2 [+ntrk] Welcome To Slut Trivia!! The bot has over 12,000 trivia questions so have fun. Type .t2 to play and .t2 to stop. Type !help for bot cmds