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#music Rizon Join channel (client)
16 [+nptz] ☆゚.*・。゚ MUSIC TALK & SHARE ゚。・*.゚☆ » 0,1Anime musicc » 0,2Japanese music » 0,3Touhou music » 0,2Game music » 0,4Soundtracks » 0,6and more!!! » ☆彡 ★彡 Uploads: | Make Flac, not War | Your official home for /mu/ on the Air: Music Radio's R-I-Z-O-N #Music | Just Say Bo No!
#music Snoonet Join channel (client)
87 [+ACFJSTdfjnrtx 2:60 2 3 5:1 5:5 10:4] Reddit music | bot: to register .l lastfm_username :: Now Playing: .l | If you need assistance, ask in chat or send a modmail from r/music's sidebar
#btn-music BTN Join channel (client)
114 [+inrt] [ BTN's Official Music Related Chat Room ] | | To register with bot use “.setusername <LastFM nick>”
#music Undernet Join channel (client)
17 Welcome to #music. We are not a filesharing channel. English ONLY! ( )
#xkcd-music SlashNET Join channel (client)
16 [+ntr] Nobody's collection! | SlashNET's Singing Channel! | If you're talking about it, paste a youtube link to it so we can listen along together! | Let's see if we can bring back to the music to the new home of -music. Remember, nobody's listening.
##christian-music Freenode Join channel (client)
5 Welcome. Please limit discussion to *Christian* music. Listening to any other music is like dancing with a corpse. Music containing the Word is itself living. || We are looking for someone to host a factoid/message bot, preferably MozBot.
##audio Freenode Join channel (client)
23 Music and music technology chat | Any music technology / production / performance / instrument related discussion welcome!!! | Peter Murphy has heart attack
#mp3texas Undernet Join channel (client)
28 12,15..~*@*~..~*@*~..~*@*~....Welcome !!!! Great Movies , Music & More !!!12,15..~*@*~..~*@*~..~*@*~..
#mpd Freenode Join channel (client)
89 Music Player Daemon 0.21.14 | | Need help? Read
#MP3ZONE salvador Join channel (client)
108 [+ntrl]  Welcome to #mp3zone ~ For All Your Music Needs. ~ (register your mIRC) !keygen 
#music Chathispano Join channel (client)
6 [+nrt] El canal de musica del IRC. Brote de Listeriosis en Andalucia: Beat-Takeshi, principal sospechoso.
#music P2P-NET Join channel (client)
2 [+ntr] Welcome to #music. Please feel free to announce your music| Having Troubles? Anyone in channel should be able to help! | <- to start ||
#musichackday Freenode Join channel (client)
8 Classical Music Hackday --
#music SynIRC Join channel (client)
2 [+ntr] 11,12Music Discussion ♫♪ 8✫ Spam youtube links and other music-related stuff 8✫
#monero-music Freenode Join channel (client)
17 Monero and all that jazz...
#uxradio Undernet Join channel (client)
11 Have Fun & Enjoy listening at Cool Music! Cool You!
#mus/a/k Rizon Join channel (client)
15 [+ntz] mus/a/k - Egg and friends' chillhaus || Blog: || Repo: || Resources: | || Music chat takes priority over PoE chat
#House-Nation Undernet Join channel (client)
10 14Welcome on #11House-Nation ! 14Enjoy your music ( 11www.soundcloud.com7/4Soulstorming14 )
#rust-music Mozilla Join channel (client)
9 [+nt]
#phizLL SynIRC Join channel (client)
8 [+ntr] Today's Indie Music ML Questions: