Custom client analytics

Once registered on you can create what we call custom clients. These are customised versions of the Kiwi IRC client that let you set the default server connection details and add your own HTML content amongst other features. If you run a website or online community, they make creating an online chat platform extremely easy and quick for your users.

Custom clients have proven to be extremely popular amongst websites and communities to the point that we are building new features and improvements for everyone to make use of. One of the first features are basic web analytics.


There is now a new tab within your custom client control panel:

Tab image

This magic tab will open up a graph showing how many times your custom client has been visited.

You can currently see how much your IRC client is being used and watch as it grows with your online community or website. While currently very simple, this can now be built upon to provide more in-depth analytics such as per-country impressions and your top referrers to find out who is using your client.

Impressions graph