New Release - 0.9.3

A quick bug fix release with some minor improvements.


New language: Galician
Spanish translation fully completed
Bug fix: Firefox bug when the default theme is changed
Bug fix: Channel list clearing itself if run twice
Bug fix: Nick list correctly being reset upon re-connecting to a server
Bug fix: Showing the user has re-joined a channel upon re-connecting to a server
Bug fix: The last-message-read marker now updating when switching between kiwi tabs
Improvement: Notices sent to users with a certain mode (/notice @#channel prawns.)
Improvement: Not shifting focus to the input box if a form element is currently in focus
Improvement: Remembering channel keys to correctly re-join a channel upon reconnection
Improvement: Any errors that occur will no longer mess the input box up
Improvement: /mode now displaying the channels mode as requested

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