Going the extra mile to prevent abuse

The way kiwiirc.com handles your network WEBIRC configuration has now been greatly updated.

Traditionally, WEBIRC clients would only tell the IRC network of the clients true IP address if a matching DNS name exists. Eg. users connecting to a network at irc.example.com would only know the clients true IP address if only the user connects to the domain name 'irc.example.com'.

But what if a new domain name comes along that points to the same network? A community uses their own domain name to your network? Or somebody connects to the IP directly? The WEBIRC configuration would not be used and the network would not know the users true IP address. This could be a huge issue for abuse such as ban evading.

Kiwiirc.com now recognises any DNS name or IP address that points to an existing network to prevent any possible abuse. As your network changes kiwiirc.com will automatically keep track and make sure you are getting the correct user information. This also opens the door for any communities that use their own domain name pointing to a third party IRC network to be recognised correctly.

You can see the IP addresses known to be associated with your registered network via your Kiwi control panel. This will automatically update as you add or change your networks servers.