New Release - 0.8.0

After a lot of hard work and hair pulling, some major server side changes have been made to greatly reduce memory usage.

Switching for its related solved a lot of issues, giving Kiwi a noticable performance gain and less client-side issues for users. Combined with much improved client settings management to reduce the effects of caching this release is now much more stable and easier to manage all round.

Among many bug fixes, some highlights:

- Client Updates

  • New translations: Traditional Chinese, Italian, Dutch
  • Numerous emoticons
  • Desktop (HTML5) notifications
  • Specifiying the IRC connection encoding in a widgets URL (eg. &encoding=utf8)

- Server Updates

  • Greatly improved memory usage
  • "jumpserver" command to jump connected clients to an alternate kiwi server
  • IRC connectins now throttled for flood control

This release can be found at
Comment / discussion over at google groups:!topic/kiwiirc/YjlzsbW0PJI