IRC integration with your GitHub projects

A large number of GitHub projects have an associated IRC channel whether it be for support, development or general discussion. Using IRC is great for developers as there are so many tools and clients around and you are not tied to any particular network.

However, getting people from your GitHub project to your IRC channel can be an issue if they are not familiar with IRC.

To help projects out Kiwi IRC now provides an IRC button generator that allows people to join your IRC channel with a single click and without the need for an IRC client to be installed. Using the open source Kiwi IRC client, no plugins are required and works in all browsers making sure that all of your users can access your channel.

As an example, a button for the #kiwiirc channel:

Generating your own IRC button

  1. Head to and fill in your IRC network and channel settings.
  2. Select your theme. For developers, the basic theme may be best suited.
  3. Click 'Generate my code!' and select the GitHub logo.
  4. Paste the generated markdown code into your projects file to show the button.