New Release - 0.6.2

A quick release to push out some much needed fixes all round

- Client Updates

  • Much improved settings applet
  • Consecutive messages from the same nick only shows the nick once (relaxed theme)
  • Do not re-join closed channels on a reconnect
  • /whois now performs a full whois (/whois $nick $nick)
  • /whowas command now implemented
  • /raw alias now included
  • Appending ":" to an auto-completed nick only if the first word
  • 'Mini' theme improvements
  • Embdedded media link formatting improvements
  • Joining invalid channel name fixes
  • Incorrect highlights on startup fixes

- Server Updates

  • Hexed IP as username fixes
  • Channel name case-sensitivity on unrealircd servers fix
  • Log file output formatting fix
  • Set the default client settings

The release can be found on
Comment / discussion over at google groups:!topic/kiwiirc/I2IMbRQGN2k